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    Welcome to Rescue Riders PET TRANSPORT! If you are looking for the most animal-friendly transport for a dog or cat, you've come to the right place.


    The rescue transport is a bridge between you, the rescue, and the adopters. It’s a bittersweet moment and, in recognition of all you do, we make it our mission to have the transition be as easy as possible.


    Our number one goal is to make the trip to the arms of their new family as safe, comfortable and as stress free as possible, so we never lock the animals into a separate compartment. All the animals are inside the vehicles where the drivers can see and hear them the entire journey. This way proper care can be given throughout the trip and, if an animal needs cleaning or comfort, there is no delay while waiting for the next scheduled "stop". This is a critical component in making the transport as easy as possible on the animals.


    Secondly, as a USDA inspected and licensed transport, we, and our rescues, follow the health and safety rules for interstate transport. With trained, caring drivers and specifically configured state-of-the-art vans, the animals are fed, watered and, if needed, walked, per USDA guidelines. Additionally, we are licensed as required in the states that we service. We even use a commercial cleaning company to ensure that the vans, crates and equipment are fully sterilized after each use. This helps us keep the transport environment clean and healthy, protecting both the animals we move and the communities they go to.


    Lastly, the adopters are a part of the process. We personally contact them at the start of the trip and again two hours from the delivery. They can even follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! All the documentation, including the interstate health certificate, will be passed to them when they pick up their new friend. We even ask if they mind a picture of the event so that they - and you - have a record of the first minutes of their new life!


    Please visit our booking site, Bookwhen.

  • About Us

    At Rescue Riders, we are honored every time a rescue makes us part of their animals' story. Started by a Tennessee rescue organization who saw the need for a transport that concentrated on the comfort and safety of the animals, we have been taking dogs and cats from high kill shelters and rescues to their new families since 2003. For us, it is truly ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS. Click on the links below to see more about us, and why we do what we do, or visit our booking site, Bookwhen. Don't take our word. See what rescues and adopters say... 


    [Justin, PA] Thank you so much...

    ...to Baker Bridge Rescue and Rescue Riders Transport for making this adoption process so painless. No matter the questions, they were there to answer. And the best part was they were just as excited as we were! Amazing people... thank you again!

    One More Last Chance Rescue

    Only transport I'll use

    "I have complete confidence in Rescue Riders. They take excellent care of my dogs and go above and beyond to put adopters at ease throughout the trip. I love their service and I won't use anyone else."

  • The most animal friendly-transport on the road.

    We offer unique transport services specifically designed to maximize

    the comfort of your precious pets.



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  • Contact Us

    In closing, we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us for the transport of your precious animals. We know that making changes is sometimes difficult, so we will work with you and your team to get you set up and make your first few trips as easy as possible.

    We will even give you a $25.00 discount on your first run so you can truly see the difference.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    We would love to discuss how we can help you move more animals, more humanely.

    Home Base: Athens Tennessee
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    Follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too! We even ask if the adopter doesn't mind a picture of the event so that they, and you - have a record of the first minutes of their new life!